Quotation - in Sanskrit and its English translation

Source: Mūlamadhyamakakārikā, Chapter 24 verse 14
of the Indian Buddhist Nāgārjuna (c. 150 – c. 250 CE).
It is the core and one of the most famous quotations on emptiness and co-arising:

sarvaṃ ca yujyate tasya śūnyatā yasya yujyate
sarvaṃ na yujyate tasya śūnyaṃ yasya na yujyate
All is possible when emptiness is possible.
Nothing is possible when emptiness is impossible.

bodhi bonzai - the two words

BODHI is a Sanskrit word.
It refers to full awakening where all limitations have been removed from the mind.

BONSAI is a Japanese word.
It refers to the Japanese art form using cultivation techniques to produce small trees that mimic the shape
and scale of full size trees.

bodhi bonzai - creativity

ART inspires HEartS.
Caring mindfulness meets spiritual outlook.

Art films. Experimental outlook.
Paper-movie. Conceptual photography.
Progressive design. Expanding boundaries.

trans-MEDIA. Empowerment.
Cultural appropriateness.
Incentive. Trend setting.
Social network. Live streaming.

Artist Editions. Merchandising.
Publishing. Digital Archiving.
Viral marketing. Business strategies.

bodhi bonzai - the core team

Rolf A. Kluenter
Artist, photographer, filmmaker
Artistic director, curator

Kathy Kuai Jin
Partner, Production supervision

Richard C. Ke Minlong
Partner, Production assistance

[projects + partners]

Multi Media Communication Project 1990-1994 Nirmal Sherchan, Yuvak Tuladhar, TU Fine Art, Nepal
The Fifth Seal 1997-1999 YAK & YETI Kathmandu
Unaccountable Objects 2000-2001 Saraf Family, Kathmandu, Nepal
flatline witness 2000-2003 Wayne Amtzis
Aworldwide 2001-2002 Volkswagen Coaching GmbH
Hans Rhode, Königslutter-Rhode
windrose one 2005-2006 Gong Yan, Paul Schwer, Zhang Jian-Jun
EURASIA ONE 2007 Islamd6 and Shanghai Consulate General of FRG
Dialog in progress 2007-2012 Beijing Cultural Development Foundation
24 HRS Gallery 2009-2012 Lutz Goebbelsmann TEAPOT, Cologne
TSFTT The Shanghai Fiction Think Tank 2010-ongoing late Lothar Spree
Shanghai Soulmates 2012-2016 Jeanne Boden
Kleiner Kosmos Flesenkeller 2012-2014 Lebenshilfe HPZ
Tibetan Yoga Principles and Practices 2012-2019 Ian A. Baker
Expressionismus 2.0 2014-2016 Lebenshilfe HPZ, Brand Health
Puls. Stadt, da pocht eine Herz 2016-2018 Lebenshilfe HPZ, Kulturhof der Kreisstadt Euskirchen
transmedia empowerment workshop 2013-2019 Shanghai Theatre Academy School for Creative Studies
transmedia empowerment workshop 2016-2019 School of Arts, Tai Hu University of Wuxi, China
Schlacht.Meister. 2017-2019 EUGEBAU
Raumfluesterer 2018-2019 EUGEBAU
Ecclesiastes 2015-2021 Andreas Albrecht
Die Eifel Leuchtet 2018-ongoing Fritz Koenn, Manfred Lang


Limited Art Photography Edition

Rolf A. Kluenter, Photography of the Buervenich wall painting “Golden Tree - bodhi bonzai” by Kunsang Rangdol in September 2018.
Hahnemuehle Photo RG 308 g
Edition of 1369
Dimension: 28 cm x 28 cm (size of the printed photography)
30 cm x 30 cm (size of sheet adding 2 cm border for pass partout mounting)
Versa signed, dated titled by Rolf A. Kluenter

bodhi bonzai

Price: Euro 39,99 (VAT inclusive, cargo inclusive)

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Rolf A. Kluenter Photography of the Buervenich wall painting “Golden Tree - bodi bonsai” by Kunsang Rangdol in September 2018.