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A-worldwide, 2001, Haus Rhode, Koenigsluter, GermanyUS$ 35
Dialog, 2001, (Rolf A. Kluenter and Li Lei), Shanghai, ChinaUS$ 25
Rapture in Transit, 2000, German House Gallery, NewYork, USAUS$ 25
Flatline Witness, 2000, Kathmandu, NepalUS$ 25
Unaccountable Objects, 2000, The Saraf Collection, NepalUS$ 25
Pondering Pulsating, 1999, Liu HaiSu Museum, Shanghai, ChinaUS$ 35
Rolf A. Kluenter, 1999, Art Net Shanghai, ChinaUS$ 68
The Fifth Seal, 1997, The Saraf Collection, Kathmandu, NepalUS$ 35
Made in Nepal, 2001, Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, NepalUS$ 10

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